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Feedback awesome website is aiming at the collection of set of feedbacks from different companies related to food, travel, tech, hostels and many more helping visitors choose the best place by having a look on the website, and particularly focus on the experience the visitors have with the place they visited. This website makes it easy for visitors of your website to communicate directly about their experience without a heavy sign in. This way, the feedback request is not invasive when the customer is trying to purchase something or to reach a page within the website. The visitor provides feedback “in-the-moment”, which can let the other users know if they encounter any problem with the place they visited or the problem with the food they ate. Also, they can have a very good feedback and want people to try it without missing. We allow people to choose, people to add and people to search the place or company they want to visit. The set of feedbacks give by people will let you choose the best place and your feedback can help other people to choose and it makes them clear about the place they choose is correct or no. The feedback website ends up in an enclosed environment where the user – can view set of reviews of different food, travel, tech and many more.